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Rental at 23 South River Street, Holderness, NH

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A nice, 2 unit house with a farmers porch, with a good sized yard and parking for all tenants. Conveniently located behind the PSU hockey rink and includes heat, hot water, water & sewer, electric, snow plowing and trash removal.


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4 Bedrooms

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Unit Amenities

First floor, 4 spacious bedrooms, two living rooms, hardwood floors, large kitchen, dishwasher, fridge, stove, 1 bathroom. Large farmer's porch. 

*The apartment is available for semester, year round or summer rental.  Rates listed are for the whole apartment.

* Semester Rate is per person, per semester, one student per bedroom. 

* Year round monthly rate does not include electric. 

* Call 603-254-3323 for year round monthly rate.

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1 Bedrooms

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Unit Amenities

Second floor, 1 spacious bedroom with two closets, large living room, storage closets, 1 bathroom, new kitchen, granite counter tops, stove, fridge, new flooring bathroom & living room.  


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