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About Pemi Valley Property Management

Pemi Valley Property Management is owned and operated by two brothers,
Chuck and Sheridan Buhrman.

We both attended Plymouth State and graduated with the class of 1985. We bought our first rental property in 1992 and have added several properties since. Our primary business is Plymouth State student rental housing, although we do have a handful of commercial rentals, storage sheds and some year-round rentals.

Our philosophy is that our tenants are our customers, and we want happy customers.

We pride ourselves on keeping our apartments well maintained and up to date. We keep our rental rates competitive, and we provide good value for the price. We are always willing to work with our tenants with flexible payment plans and to help find roommates whenever needed. We have a full time maintenance staff that can address most tenant issues quickly, and we have various tradesmen that we work with to address the things we can't do ourselves.

As an added benefit, our family also owns the Pemi Valley Laundry on Main Street and the Lucky Dog Tavern and Grill, so we give all of our tenants discount cards that they may use for discounts on food and drink at the Lucky Dog and discounts on dry cleaning, drop-off laundry and self-serve laundry at the Pemi Laundry.

Thank you,

Chuck Buhrman
Sheridan Buhrman